About Us

We are an independent charity made up of a global network with postgraduate-level qualifications.

We reinforce the WHO guidance to promote cooperation. We are in this together. We ask questions to provide reliable answers to understand the new coronavirus. 

We know washing your hands helps prevent the spread of disease. Physical distancing is essential to avoid transmission. Testing is vital. Tracking and tracing are crucial to help to prevent disease spread.

Our Mission

We are guided by a human need to build communities, cooperation, and an effective coordinated healthcare system supported by you.

Our Aim

To be the global network with local insights, you can trust to reinforce the World Health Organization recommendations around COVID-19.

Our Vision

To connect the global public and provide a bridge between preparedness and response and to advance a holistic approach to public health.

Our Values

Our values are collaboration, cooperation and coordination. We believe in a international collaborative response to COVID-19. Our values promote collective and individual action and global cooperation.

Our Community

We come from around the globe with over 25 nationalities. We speak over 22 languages. We are from the healthcare sector, humanitarian practice, international governance organisations, and academia, amongst other innovation-based backgrounds. 

Our Status 

Cov360 is a non-profit charity organisation. We are open to ideas, partnership, sponsorship, and donations to help us build a sustainable future.

Three pillars of knowledge 

1. Through healthcare workers, we reinforce the WHO guidance

2. With global experts, we provide constructive and helpful analysis

3. Through those living through the pandemic, we share experience

Three methods of engagement

1. Live online events. Do you have questions for experts concerning COVID-19? We run events so you can understand what is happening.

2. Original video content. Do you want to know what people are experiencing across the globe? We bring helpful insights to you.

3. Trend reports. Do you have questions about how the coronavirus is impacting the economy and healthcare? We bring practical thoughts to you.

How will Cov360 prevent disinformation?

Three processes. First, content goes through identity verification processes. Second, content is peer-reviewed by our panel of volunteer experts. Third, daily, editors review content uploaded to the website.

What is our ambition?

Our ambition is to become the global hub for reliable information. Our ambition is to help people through the COVID-19 crisis by providing a website where you can find trustworthy guidance.

We want to develop a history that is created from the spoken word of those who lived through events. The underlying ambition of Cov360 looks to the future to enhance global wellbeing.