About Us

We believe in building healthier futures for all. We believe in community innovation. With our partners, we can create pathways where all generations can discover, create, and shape healthier futures.

The story about the Public Health Pathways charity was made possible by your support. COVID presented questions concerning the future of the charity. The convention suggested, find a focus. Public Health Pathways found three.

  • Planning, with public health education
  • Security through building health capacity
  • Accuracy in communications to foster healthy behaviours

Millennials and Gen Z lead Public Health Pathways. With expertise around the globe and cross-discipline expertise from the leading UK graduate schools, we provide innovative pathways to better public health.

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Our Mission 

To inspire innovation, co-create sustainable solutions, and strengthen communities to reduce health inequities.

Our Vision

A world in which all generations can discover, create and shape healthier futures.

Charitable status

Public Health Pathways is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation regulated in England and Wales. Its charitable registration number is 1192557.

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