Our Volunteer Community

Cov360 is a non-profit organisation. We work to inspire a generation to re-think and build a positive and healthy future together.

If you are interested in volunteering with Cov360, get in touch email enquiries@cov360.com or complete the form below.

The Team

Our team come from around the globe, we are from the healthcare sector, humanitarian practice, international governance organisations, and academia, and other innovation-based backgrounds.

Tess Hewett, Mexico/UK

Cov360 Public Health Advisor. School of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine postgraduate student.

Alec Strobel, UK/USA

Cov360 Brand Designer. University of Arts London Student in Design Management.

Oxana Pagina, Spain/Russia

Cov360 Fundraising advisor. IE Business School Postgraduate Student in Big Data.

Ashley Rhoden, UK

Cov360 Finance Manager. UWE Graduate and Account officer with Bristol City Council.

Farzana Hussain, UAE

Cov360 Fundraiser and Partnership Manager and Contributor. IE Graduate Business School.

Adrian Holgate, UK

Cov360 Video Editor and Producer. UWE Graduate and Post Production MCR Assistant.

Ana Clara De Queiroz , Brazil

Cov360 Contributor and Researcher. Universidade de Brasilia Postgraduate student, and teacher.

Alex Erquicia, Spain/USA

Cov360 Operations Manager. IE Business School Graduate, Comms specialist, and Journalist.

Michael Baser, UK

Cov360 Public Health Manager. KCL Postgraduate student and cancer analyst at Public Health England.

Alicia Ramos, UK/India

Cov360 Technical Editor and Contributor. UEA Graduate and Environmental Consultant

Nkengfua Blaise, Cameroon

Cov360 Public Health Contributor. LSHTM Postgraduate student and Public Health Officer.

Vlada Shevelkova, UK

Cov360 Public health contributor. Postgraduate student in Public Health at the University of Cambridge.

Ashish Mehra, UK

Cov360 Chief Technology Officer. KCL Graduate, Full Stack Developer and Programme Manager.

Ban Suyeon, South Korea

Cov360 Public Health Contributor. KCL Postgraduate student and Korean Armed Forces nursing officer.

Cristobal Sapena, Spain

Cov360 Economics Contributor. IE Business School Graduate and Data Analyst with UNOPS.

Iman Hameed, Singapore

Cov360 Public Health Contributor. Postgraduate student at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Theo Richardson-Gool, UK

Cov360 Chief Executive Officer. IE Business School Graduate and Human Rights Caseworker.

Isabella Guzman, Colombia

Cov360 LATAM Advisor. IE Business School Graduate and Web Services Public Sector Manager.

Olawale Adeniyi, Nigeria

Cov360 Project Coordinator. Obafemi Awolowo University Graduate, Project and Growth Manager.

Samia Khan, India/Saudi Arabia

Cov360 Research Strategist and Contributor. UCL Graduate and Urban Design Planning.

Natalia Meléndez, Spain

Cov360 Contributor and Advisor. UCL  Postgraduate student, Translator and Interpreter.

Adam Mitchell-Heggs, UK

Cov360 Strategy Advisor. IE Business School Graduate Corporate and Venture Impact Developer.


Davina Rajoopillai, UK

Cov360 Marketing Advisor. City University Alumni. Diversity Consultant and Marketing Project Manager.

Jonathan Zhang, USA

Cov360 Correspondent for China. Student at Harvard and Board member for the International Relations Council.

Jonathan Uttankar, India

Cov360 Backend Developer. St. Xaviers Alumni, web developer and project manager.

Belén Ramírez Llopis, Spain

Cov360 Contributor and Tourism Advisor. IE Business School Graduate and UNWTO Communications Associate.

Roland Ediage, Switzerland

Cov360 Strategy Advisor. Graduate of Business School Lausanne, and Business Account Manager.

Jessie Karlovich, USA

Cov360 Writer and Content Contributor. Graduate of UEA in Water Security and International Development.

Pallavi Narayan, Canada/India

Cov360 Strategy Advisor. PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology, writer and creative professional.

Gianluca Tomasello, Italy

Cov360 Partnerships Advisor. IE Business School graduate and Project Manager in Development.

Charlotte Bexson, UK

Cov360 Public Health Contributor. Imperial College Postgraduate student, and STEM Ambassador.

Kannan Gophal, Sri Lanka

Cov360 Digital Marketing.  MBA Student of Edinburgh Napier University and consultant in Digital Analytics.

Josh Entsminger, UK/USA

Cov360 Strategy Advisor. UCL PhD Candidate, Teaching Fellow at Havard Extension School and École des Ponts.

Maria Durán, Switzerland/Spain

Cov360 Lead Strategist and contributor. IE Business School Graduate, Child protection and humanitarian sector.

Andrea Casale, Italy

Cov360 Contributor. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine postgraduate and Pharmacist.

Jade Robinson, Bermuda

Cov360 Public Health Contributor. KCL Postgraduate student in public health and health sector worker.

Rocío Oyaga, Spain

Cov360 Content contributor. Graduate of Universidad Pontificia Comillas and International affairs specialist.

Joe Dempsey, UK

Cov360 Technical Support. Leeds Met Graduate, and Full Stack Engineer and Developer.

Patricia Zanella, Brazil

Cov360 LATAM Advisor. Postgraduate Católica de Santos, and Co-Founder of EcoCirclo.

Taisiya Petukhova, UK / Russia

Cov360 Content Contributor. UEA and Lomonosov Moscow State University

Jingran Sheng, China

Cov360 Translator and Interpreter. Graduate of UCL Bartlett School and Urban Designer.

Jakia Siddique Sufian, UK

Cov360 Graphic Design Lead. Graduate of Brunel University and freelance graphic designer.

Camila Carbone, UK/Peru

Cov360 Public health contributor. Graduate of Kings College London and Clinical Dietician.