Our Events

Our events bring leading thinkers to you. From across discipline, they offer you constructive insights concerning our present and future. You ask the questions.

Our Events

Our events bring leading thinkers to you. From across discipline, they offer you constructive insights concerning our present and future. You ask the questions.

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A Chinese Aesthetician and Theorist

Mr Guo Yin (郭因) is a distinguished aesthetician in China, an eminent theorist of art history, the initiator of the Green Culture and Green Aesthetics Theory, and a 95-year-old man who has spent his life dedicated to creating and pursuing a world with harmony.

“I believe that the propositions of building a harmonious world and a community with a shared future for humanity put forward by our national leaders, and the ideal society in which conflicts between man and man and between man and nature are fundamentally resolved, will eventually come true.”

Past Events

Beyond medicine - the social interventions | 30 July 2020

Dr Shireen Kassam
Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College Hospital, Founder of Plant-based health professionals, UK.

Dr Nisreen Alwan
Influencer, Fellow at the UK Faculty of Public Health, and Associate Professor at the University of Southampton.

Dr Jacob Stegenga
Reader at the University of Cambridge, and author in the Philosophy of Science and Medicine.

Civil liberties and conflict resolution during COVID-19 I 18 June 2020

Dr Mohamed Keshavjee
Recipient of the Gandhi King Ikeda Peace Award, having worked in the Aga Khan Development Network. A former member of the Steering Committee of the World Mediation Forum.

Prof. Albert (Albie) Louise Sachs
Appointed Justice by Nelson Mandela to the Constitutional Court of South Africa. Former Professor-At-Large at Cornell University. A Golden Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement.

Our green future I 28 May 2020

Anders Wijkman 
Co-President of Club of Rome and MEP. Former President of the International Red Cross Disaster Relief Commission

Ria Sen
UN World Food Programmes, Disaster Risk Reduction Expert UN International Telecommunications Union “thought leader.”

Martha McPherson 
UCL Head of Green Economy and Sustainable Growth at the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose   

Looking to the Future I 30 April 2020

H.E. Prof. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, 6th President of the Republic of Mauritius, focused on concerns related to the need to invest in our institutions, to prepare, and be ready ahead of the challenge of a changing climate.

Dr Velislava Petrova, PhD is a research fellow with UNAIDS and consultant at CEPI, focused on the role of research and rethinking education to meet local needs, and perspective the role of innovations in health.

Prof. Borja Santos, Executive Director of IE School of Global and Public Affairs, discussed the economic impact in low-income countries, challenges faced, and what are the future needs for international development.

We are in this Together I 9 April 2020

Yemi Babington-Ashaye, President of United People Global. Former Director of the Africa Region at the World Economic Forum.

Dr Camilla Pang translational bioinformatician and neurodiversity expert is an active new coronavirus researcher.

Dr Ilan Kelman Professor at UCL in Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change and Global Health. 

Dr Patricia Gabaldon, Associate Professor and Academic Director in Economics at IE Business School.

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